ATTENTION! Parasites are life-threatening! Hermuno capsules review: does it work?

Giardia, opisthorchis, and threadwormshermuno medicine

Affect your bladder and liver causing bleeding erosion, abscess, and cancer


Can infect any organ of the body. Frequently cause pulmonary edema and affect the central nervous system


This parasite uses human blood as a source of food causing anemia. It inhabits the area near the heart and breaks the integrity of the blood vessels

Ascarididae, Ascarididae eggs

Cause severe allergy and asthma. They can cause hydrocephalus in a newborn


It disrupts the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract resulting in intestinal infections

According to the WHO, various species of parasites can be found in the bodies of almost 80% OF ALL PEOPLE!

The symptoms of parasitic infection are

  • Constipation, diarrhea, bloating.
  • Teeth grinding while asleep (bruxism)
  • Papillomas on the body and mucous membranes
  • Too low or too big weight
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin problems
  • Excessive sweating
  • Snoring and sleep apnea
  • Bad breath

HERMUNO ® – Purges parasites from the body leaving them no chance! Hermuno effects, benefits and side effects

  1. restores functioning of the immune system
  2. drains parasites from the body naturally
  3. paralyzes their nervous system
  4. blocks multiplication of parasites

hermuno original

ATTENTION! Parasites are life-threatening!

  • The intestine is overtaken by parasites in just 10 years. This can cause its rupture and death.
  • The so-called heartworms can cause damage to the walls of the blood vessels resulting in internal bleeding.
  • Cysticercosis which infects brain causes irreparable damage to the globes of the eye. Their recovery is impossible!

Why 9 out of 10 medical practitioners recommend product Hermuno original?

hermuno capsules review

The secret of Hermuno is in its content – Hermuno ingredients

Phyllanthus niruri

Phyllanthus purges parasites from the gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system.

Andrographis paniculata

Green chiretta is a perfect immunomodulator. It treats pre-existing infectious diseases.

Centella Asiatica

Centella asiatica splits parasites” eggs and gently drains them from the body. It facilitates faster healing of the damaged tissues.

Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Rhizoma

Turmeric has been used for the treatment of parasitic infections which affect liver, kidneys, and heart for many years.

What do experts say? Hermuno comments

hermuno commentsUnfortunately, most of the people believe that if they wash their hands well, cook their foods and avoid contacts with animals, they will never be infected with parasites. It”s not true! Anyone can be infected! Most of the antiparasitics adversely affect the whole body killing not only parasites but also healthy cells. Hermuno acts gently, without putting your health at risk and causing no negative consequences. Besides, in contrast to other medicines, it can be taken as a preventative.

Jacob Shearer

Doctor of Medicine, Gastroenterologist, Specialist in infectious diseases

hermuno does it workThe detection of parasites is as challenging as purging them. Previously I had to send my patients to undergo dozens of medical tests if there was a suspicion of parasitic infection. Now there is a medicine which makes multiple testing unnecessary. It is Hermuno. It gently purges all types of parasites from the body, including both mature species and eggs. It drains them from the body naturally. After undergoing a treatment course using Hermuno every person can be sure that their body is free from parasites!

Helen O”Martin

Parasitologist and Specialist in infectious diseases

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